RCCG Christ Embassy Parish

1101 2 St, Calgary, AB T2M2V7
RCCG Christ Embassy Parish
Phone: (403)293-9398

Sundays 10:00am-11:45am @ the Crescent Height Community Hall

Walking in the footsteps of Jesus Christ is truly an exalted goal but
it requires humility and an attentive ear to the Master Himself.

At Christ Embassy parish of Redeemed Christ Church of God in
the heart of Calgary, a canopy is made for people of cross cultures who
desire to be built as ambassadors in the stead of Jesus Christ to
journey in joy and happiness to be more like Jesus and affect our
neighborhood for Christ.

Our growing membership is passionate about reaching every part
of a family, so there is a place of expression in our hearts for every
age range.

It is always an exciting time locating the heart of Jesus for every soul that steps in.

You are invited to fellowship with us and discover your team of God-Chasers.

God bless you.