Christmas Miracle #15

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Ali and Noor emigrated from Pakistan almost 4 years ago. Ali is in school to further his education as an architect and Noor excels in mathematics. Together, they are doing the best to raise their 5 children here in Canada.
After the birth of her fifth child, Noor underwent gallbladder surgery and was diagnosed with kidney cancer. On top of this, Noor struggles with post-partum depression and Ali suffers depression from the stress of taking care of his family in a new country, with no job security. Two of their children are displaying symptoms of depression as well.

Noor’s upcoming kidney cancer is taking a toll, because it will create financial, emotional and physical stress on every family member. There are many uncertainties in ensuring the family is well taken care of, healthy, fed and that all the bills will be paid.

A Christmas miracle for Ali and Noor would include financial support to create long-term stability for their family to help take care of their basic needs and mental health.

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