Cross Pointe Family Church

Empire Studio 10, 16061 Macleod Trail SE, Calgary T2Y3S5
Cross Pointe Family Church
Phone: (403) 818-7345

Sunday services starting at 10:00am.
We meet at Empire Studio 10 (16061 Macleod Trail SE, Calgary)


Who we are is best described by stating what we believe! We worship one God who has made Himself known to us as God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

What we believe about God the Father and Human beings! We believe God the Father created the world and all that is in it including the first people, (Adam and Eve).  We also believe God created human beings to be like Him and to live in harmony with Him, with each other, and with nature but because of the pride and rebellion of our first parents, that harmony was broken.

We believe God had a plan! Because God loves all people, He made a plan to restore the broken harmony. God’s Son, Jesus Christ, carried out that plan by becoming a human being and taking man’s punishment for rebellion by suffering and dying on the cross.  We believe Jesus took upon himself the punishment for our rebellion.  He opened the way for us to an eternal, harmonious relationship with God.  This relationship begins now, in this life!

What we believe about the Holy Spirit: We believe the Holy Spirit comes to us to secure our relationship with God, through the preached Word, Baptism, and the Lord’s Supper. Here we believe God works faith in our hearts.

What we believe about the Bible: We believe God has given us His Word in the Bible which tells us that we need to know about our Savior Jesus Christ.

We believe God makes us community! We believe God calls His believers into community so that they can encourage one another and build each other up by demonstrating Jesus’ love to each other.

We believe God has a mission for us! We believe God has sent us
on a mission to bring His Good News to all peoples.

We believe in Baptism!